Job title: Treasurer (Voluntary)


Accountable to: Club Committee
Additional requirements: DBS Check through TMBSC
Responsible for: The Club’s finances
Skills required: Financial management, book-keeping, spreadsheets, banking and direct debit systems, administration, organisation, communication, honesty and integrity.
Time commitment: Minimum 4 hours per week + attendance at meetings.

Main Duties:

  1. Responsible for all the club finances, ensuring adequate accounts and records exist, and that all funds are used appropriately and banked promptly.
  2. Acting as the main point of contact for the club in relation to financial matters.
  3. Setting up, managing and reviewing training fees collection using the GOCARDLESS direct debit system for all club members and mini met swimmers.
  4. Setting up and collecting annual club and Swim England membership fees for all club members and mini met swimmers in conjunction with the Membership Secretary.
  5. Setting up and collecting entry fees for galas, swim camps etc as necessary.
  6. Maintaining and analysing the Club’s Bank Account, GoCardless Account and PayPal Account.
  7. Preparing and maintaining an Annual Financial Plan for the club.
  8. Preparing and distributing a monthly Finance Report to the Committee.
  9. Preparing end of year accounts and presenting to the Auditor and the Committee.
  10. Preparing and presenting the annual report in conjunction with the Chairman and Club Secretary at the AGM.
  11. Conducting Personal Development Reviews for the Chairman and Club Secretary as appropriate.
  12. Ensuring that all financial data kept on members, swimmers, helpers, coaches of the club follows the requirements of the Data Protection Act.
  13. Ensuring that the Club achieves and maintains the standards required for Swim Mark accreditation.
  14. Following and promoting the Club’s Codes of Conduct
  15. Following and promoting the SE Safeguarding Policy and Code of Ethics.
  16. Following and promoting the SE Photo Policy.
  17. Attending a minimum of 50% of Committee meetings per year.
  18. Attending at least one Personal Development Review every year with either the Chairman or Club Secretary.


Joining the club

Mini Mets
For information about joining Mini Mets please contact Dan Walsh to arrange a trial.

Junior Squads
For information about joining the Junior Squads please contact Craig Ward  to arrange a trial.

Masters/Masters Fitness
For information about joining Masters and Masters Fitness please contact Bob Bolton to arrange a trial

Club Office

Our Club Office at Sale Leisure Centre is open on Sundays between 3.45-5.45pm for enquiries and to purchase swim hats and second hand items.

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