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General Committee

Job title: General Committee (Voluntary)
Accountable to: Club Committee
Responsible for: Positively supporting and assisting the “Officers of the Club”
Additional requirements: DBS Check through TMBSC
Skills required: Highly motivated, friendly, approachable, act with tact and diplomacy.

Main Duties:
1. To actively assist any 'Officer of the Club' who requires support in fulfilling their tasks.
2. From time to time you may be required:
To attend meetings of Associations that the Club is a member of. 
To represent the Club’s views at any such meetings.
To report back to the Club of the proceedings at meetings attended.
To vote at meetings in accordance with the Club’s policy.
3. To attend a minimum of 50% of committee meetings per year.
4. Attend at least one Personal Development Review every year with either, the Chairman, Vice chairman, Secretary, Treasurer or Head Coach.
5. To ensure that the Club achieves and maintains the standards required for Swim21 accreditation.
6. To follow and promote the SE Code of Ethics.
7. To follow and promote the Clubs Code of Conduct.
8. To follow and promote the SE Child Protection Policy.
9. To follow and promote the SE Photo Policy.

Time Commitment: Minimum 1 hour per week + attendance at meetings.

Training Programme

For the training programme timetable click on the link below.

Joining the club

For information about joining the club or to download a membership form click on the link below.

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For Mini-Mets please contact Daniel Walsh tmbsc.minimets@gmail.com

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Find out more

To find out more about us Call 0161 973 1112 or email here

Office is at Sale Leisure Centre; manned on Sunday between 5:30 and 6:30pm. Please call or visit between these times, or email


Open Sundays
5:30pm - 7pm

We're affiliated to: ASA NWR, C.C.W.P. & S.A., M & D.S. & W.P.A., C.L.S. & W.P.A.

HQ: Sale Leisure Centre, Broad Road, Sale, Machester, UK