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Trophies & Awards


         Margaret Alexander & John Anderson Trophy Winners



These trophies are awarded to the male and female swimmers achieving the best performance of the year, e.g. breaking a World, European, British record.

2005                        Jill Jones and Steve Metcalfe

2006                        Helen Sadler and Neil Mackinnon

2007                        Jill Jones and Neville Barton

2008                        Rachel Barton and Neale Sayle

2009                        Rachel Barton and Alan Rowson

2010                        Lucy Lloyd Roach and Jonathon Giles

2011                        Emma Ross and Neil Mackinnon

2012                        Helen Sadler and Alec Johnson

2013                        Rachel Barton and Alec Johnson

2014                        Rachel Barton and Nev Barton

2015                        Emma Gage and Paul Barnard

2016                        Rachel Barton and Neil Mackinnon

2017                        Helen Sadler and Alec Johnson


         Achiever of the year trophy



These trophies are awarded to the male and female swimmers who have made a significant achievement in the year

2006               Sandra Skellern and Ashley McEwan

2007               Rachel Barton and Steve Harding

2008               Debbie Harding and Jonathan Giles

2009               Lucy Lloyd-Roach and Richard Symons

2010               Lucy Hesford and Eric Ainsworth

2011              Rebecca Lennon and Steve Metcalf

2012              Jo Bolton and Ashley McEwan

2013              Becky Kirby and Michael Boyle

2014              Lucy Lloyd-Roach and Richard Symons

2015              Sandra Skellern and Ian Griffiths

2016              Helen Sadler and Stephen Barton

2017              Louisa Zolkiewski and Ian Griffiths



The T30 competition was introduced in January 2013. It uses Alan Rowsons age adjustment formula to give an adjusted distance swim over a 30 minute time period so that swimmers of all ages can compete on a more level playing field

The Age Adjusted T30 Challenge Alan Rowson Trophy for Men

2013  Rob Arnold    Actual distance 2225m   Adjusted distance 2470.78m
2014  Rob Arnold    Actual distance 2208m   Adjusted distance 2461.80m
2015  Rob Arnold    Actual distance 2212m   Adjusted distance 2505.00m
2016 Paul Barnard  Actual distance 2480m   Adjusted distance 2553.00m
2017 Andy Cooper Actual distance 2360m    Adjusted distance 2444.90m
2018 Nev Barton    Actual distance  2049m   Adjusted distance  2466.90m

The Age Adjusted T30 Challenge Bob Bolton Trophy for Women

2013  Helen Sadler  Actual distance 2140m   Adjusted distance 2259.21m
2014  Helen Sadler  Actual distance 2190m   Adjusted distance 2305.73m
2015  Rachel Barton Actual distance 1805m  Adjusted distance 2377.90m
2016  Rachel Barton Actual distance 1860m  Adjusted distance 2495.00m
2017  Rachel Barton Actual distance 1745m  Adjusted distance 2374.80m
2018  Rachel Barton Actual distance 1750m  Adjusted distance 2349.20m

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