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Membership and Fees

Types of Membership

The types of membership are subject to review and change from time to time. Currently the Masters and Masters Fitness memberships available are:

Full Masters

These members are prioritised for a swim at each of the training sessions provided.

Monday/Friday Master

Payment of Monday/Friday training fees is specifically for the day paid for and does not allow a swim on another day even if the Monday/Friday swim is missed.

Masters Fitness 1 Session Per Week

This category of membership allows the swimmer to attend 1 Masters Fitness training session per week either on a Tuesday or a Sunday.

Full Masters Fitness

This category of membership allows the swimmer to attend all Masters Fitness training sessions and the Friday evening Masters sessions if selected by the Masters Coach as being at an appropriate level to do so.

Masters and Masters Fitness Country

This category of membership generally does not allow access to any training session. It is for swimmers who cannot train with us but need club and Swim England Membership to compete. Occasionally these members can swim with us on a pay as you swim basis.

Masters and Masters Fitness Student Members

This category of membership is for swimmers who are over 18 and in full time education. They have the option of either paying monthly as per the training categories shown above or on a pay as you swim basis. If paying monthly they take the same priority as the training category they pay.

New Masters Members

If Masters is full new members will only be able to join as either a Monday or a Friday member.


Masters swimmers from other clubs are welcome to train with the Masters Group on a short term or occasional basis if in the area but must join the club as a Country Member and have Trafford Metro added to their Swim England profile first for insurance reasons.  Due to the restriction of 30 swimmers maximum in the pool at any time, guests will only be allowed to swim if there are less than 30 Trafford Metro members swimming at the session. Guests will pay £5.50 a session for each session they attend which is collected by DD on a monthly basis in arrears.


All club members must pay:
(1) An annual membership fee (unless they are a Life Member);
(2) Swim England membership fees; and
(3) Monthly training fees.

The Membership Secretary will provide a breakdown of the membership fees payable to join the club and the monthly training fees in the membership offer letter following a trial session.

Please note fees payable change from time to time. If you need details of the up to date membership and monthly training fees please contact our Membership Secretary (Mandi Sturmey) or Treasurer (Alan Rowson).

Joining the club

Mini Mets
For information about joining Mini Mets please contact Dan Walsh to arrange a trial.

Junior Squads
For information about joining the Junior Squads please contact Craig Ward  to arrange a trial.

Masters/Masters Fitness
For information about joining Masters and Masters Fitness please contact Bob Bolton to arrange a trial

Club Office

Our Club Office at Sale Leisure Centre is open on Sundays between 3.45-5.45pm for enquiries and to purchase swim hats and second hand items.

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