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TMBSC Presentation Evenimg

25 March 18

TMSC enjoyed a great eveing at Sale Rugby Club on Saturday, March 24th.

Congratulations to all the squad winners.

2017 Presentation Evening Winners


Paul Barnard

200m Butterfly Senior

100m Freestyle Senior

Jacob Boyle

200m Freestyle Senior

Luc Chadwick

200m IM Junior

Reece Cambage-Hughes

50m Backstroke Open

100m Backstroke Junior. Broke record from 2015 - 1:00.99

200m Backstroke Junior

100m Breaststroke Junior

200m Breaststoke Junior

400m IM Junior

Tiago Lawrie

100m Butterfly Junior

200m Butterfly Junior

100m Freestyle Junior

200m Freestyle Junior

400m Freestyle Junior

Solomon Mhar

100m Backstroke Senior

400m Freestyle Senior

1500m Freestyle Open

Jack O’Brien

200m Backstroke Senior Broke record from 1991- 2:11.75

50m Breaststroke Open Broke his own record from 2016 – 30.78

100m Breastsroke Senior Broke record from 1993 – 1:05.77

200m Breaststroke Senior Broke record from 1993 by over 3 secs – 2:22.78

100m Butterfly Senior

100m IM Open Broke record from 2015 – 59.89

200m IM Senior Broke record from 1986 by over 2.5 secs – 2:11.88

Craig Ward

50m Butterfly Open Broke own record from 2013 - 27.07

50m Freestyle Open Broke record from 1986 - 24.48

2017 Presentation Evening Winners



Jo Bolton

200m Breaststroke Senior

Emily Conway

200m Freestyle Junior

200m Backstroke Junior

100m Butterfly Junior

400m IM Junior

Olivia Dykes

100m Backstroke Junior

50m Breaststroke Open

Hannah Head

100m Breaststroke Senior

200m Freestyle Senior Broke record from 2006 – 2:09.65

400m Freestyle Junior

100m Butterfly Senior Broke record from 1987 – 1:06.73

200m Butterfly Junior

200m IM Senior

Laura Head

200m Breaststroke Junior

Megan Hughes

50m Freestyle Open Broke record from 1989 – 26.85

100m freestyle Junior Broke record from 2007 – 59.91

Anna Livermore

100m Backstroke Senior

200m Backstroke Senior

Holly Rowlinson

800m Freestyle Open

100m Breaststroke Junior

50m Butterfly Open Broke her own record from 2016 – 29.75

100m IM Open Broke record from 2013 by over 2 seconds - 1:07.19

200m IM Junior Broke her own record from 2016 – 2:26.19

Sarah Sharrock

400m IM Senior

Louisa Zolkiewski

50m Backstroke Open & 100m Freestyle Senior Broke record from 1987 - 1:00.08

Special mentions to:

James Rollaston who broke 2 club records at Club Champs in 13/14 age group - 50m breaststroke by over 2 seconds  (33.04) & 100m Freestyle (58.35)

Ben Davidson who broke 3 club records in 11/12 age group including Olympian James Guys 2006 12&under 200m breaststroke record by almost 14 seconds!

Pointscore shield – mens –  Ben Davidson

Pointscore shield – ladies –  Ava Fitzpatrick

Sale Merit Award – Emily Conway

Senior Aggregate Trophy – Jack O’Brien

Young Volunteer of the Year – Oliver Celerier

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