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    2020 Cheshire County Swimming Championships


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    Trafford Metro's Future Stars


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    TMBSC 2018-19 - What a Great Season


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PB Times & Competition Results

PB times are updated during the season and usually after a major gala where times are likely to change. To see up-to-date results & rankings, please see the SE Swimming web site. Use the following link


Gala & Competition results are shown below.

TMBSC 2019 Spring Results.pdf147.46 KB
TMBSC 2019 Spring Open Results - Points by club.pdf34.73 KB
TMBSC 2019 Spring Results - Points - female.pdf41.3 KB
TMBSC 2019 Spring Open Results - Points - male.pdf39.5 KB
Pointscore 2019-20 R1 Results for Website.pdf61.1 KB
ccd 2019 sess 1 results for website’.pdf45.54 KB
Masters Time Trial Results With Team 21st July 2019.pdf70.01 KB
ops r2 results for website.pdf62.67 KB
MMPrep20-Rd1 (1) TMBSC results.pdf52.46 KB
Club champs sprint session 1 2019.pdf75.68 KB
Club Champs sprint session 2 2019.pdf77.5 KB
cc 2021 session 1 results.pdf76.49 KB
cc2021 full results.pdf113.2 KB
NW Masters results 2019.pdf300.31 KB
CC Sprint 2018 Sess 2 Results for Website.docx_.pdf131.29 KB
CC Sprint 2018 Sess 1 Results for Website.pdf125.09 KB
Point Score 2018 Round 3 Results Website.pdf98.85 KB
Mini Meet Prep 2019 - Rd 1 results - TMBSC.pdf39.86 KB
Point Score 2018 Round 2 Results.pdf38.6 KB
2018 Distance Champs session 2 results.pdf85.34 KB
2018 Distance Champs session 1 results.pdf45.14 KB
spring open meet 2018 results for website - no dq codes.pdf131.74 KB
top girl 2018.pdf38.79 KB
top boy 2018.pdf38.63 KB
Point Score 2018 Round 1 Results Website Version.pdf71.63 KB
Club Records as at end 2017.pdf283.03 KB
Trafford Borough Network - Results.pdf669.43 KB
Club champs Sprint session 1.pdf86.8 KB
Club champs Sprint session 2.pdf83.93 KB
Olympian Point Score Round 3 November 2017.pdf187.46 KB
Olympian Point Score Round 2 October 2017.pdf91.01 KB
Club Champs Dist Session 2 2017..pdf52.39 KB
Club Champs distance session 1 2017.pdf178.71 KB
2017 Spring Open Results .pdf156.91 KB
OPS 2017 Ind Events Round 1 Results No DQ codes for website.pdf198.23 KB
2017 T 30 comp results.pdf31.06 KB
Club Champs Dist 2016 Results.pdf74.49 KB
OPS Round 5 Results.pdf80.86 KB
OPS 2016 Round 4 Results.pdf80.05 KB
Club Champs Sprint 2016 Session 2 Results.pdf82.58 KB
Club Champs Sprint 2016 Sess 1 Results for website without DQs.pdf83.71 KB
OPS2016 Round 3 Results.pdf72.58 KB
Spring Open Meet 2016 RESULTS.pdf159.88 KB
Spring Open Meet team scores may16.pdf54.79 KB
Spring Open Meet top boy may16.pdf60.16 KB
Spring Open Meet top girl may16.pdf61.26 KB
OPS2016 Round 2 Results.pdf76.76 KB
Pointscore 2016 Round 1 Results.pdf77.98 KB
2016 T 30 comp results.pdf28.96 KB
Pointscore 2015 R6 Results.pdf189.11 KB
ClubChamps2015DistR2.pdf55.03 KB
ClubChamps2015DistR1.pdf176.21 KB
Pointscore R5 Results-1.pdf75.38 KB
Trafford Masters National Results 2015.pdf250.44 KB
Pointscore 2015 R4 Results.pdf67.08 KB
Club Champs 2015 Sprint Round2 Results.pdf88.43 KB
Club Champs 2015 Sprint Round1 Results.pdf85.81 KB
Pointscore 2015 R3 Club.pdf182.88 KB
Open Gala 2015 Session2Results.pdf203.02 KB
Open Gala 2015 Session1Results.pdf131.73 KB
Blackpool RocksClub Report Trafford Met.pdf100.6 KB
OPScore r2 2015.pdf185.67 KB
peaks_&_plains_r2_2015.pdf85.59 KB
peaks_&_plains_r1_2015.pdf93.41 KB
Pointscore 2015 R1 Club.pdf184.71 KB
2015 T 30 comp results.pdf23.1 KB
Gtr M:cr AGE GROUP TMBSC results 2015.pdf197.51 KB
Trafford Borough Gala 2014 Results Session 2.pdf128.68 KB
Trafford Borough Gala 2014 Results Session 1.pdf130.3 KB
Point Score 2014 R6 Results.pdf174.85 KB
Trafford Metro Club Champs Distance 2014 R2.pdf21.5 KB
Trafford Metro Swim CLUB Champs Distance 2014 R1.pdf99.55 KB
bmss_winter_meet_2014_results.pdf917.19 KB
Cheshire graded meet results 2014 session 1.pdf64.27 KB
Cheshire graded meet 2014 results session 2.pdf54.59 KB
Olympian Point Score 2014 R5.pdf191.85 KB
Cheshire Masters 2014 Results.pdf63.57 KB
2014GtrMcrAutumnClubResults-Trafford Met.pdf121.46 KB
Olympian Point Score 2014 R4.pdf188.9 KB
TMBSC Club Champs 2014 session 2.pdf205.22 KB
ClubChamps2014.1.pdf208.86 KB
Stockport_Mini_Mets_R5_Grand_Prix_results.pdf294.82 KB
Stockport_Mini_Mets_R6_Grand_Prix_results.pdf291.6 KB
Olympian Point Score 2014 R3.pdf181.79 KB
TMBSC OPScore 2014 R2.pdf187.74 KB
TMBSC OPScore R1.pdf194.16 KB
cheshire champs 2014 results.pdf95.84 KB
BAGCAT Results Cheshire Champs 2014.pdf278.52 KB
2013 Club Championships Session 1.pdf155.49 KB
2013 Club Championships Session 2.pdf275.1 KB
2013 Club Championships Session 3.pdf225.67 KB
2013 Club Championships Session 4.pdf238.02 KB
Pointscore November 2013 results.pdf75.05 KB
GM Autumn Meet 2013 Trafford Metro Results.pdf211.39 KB
Pointscore cumulative points to september 2013.pdf66.31 KB
pointscore september 13 points.pdf59.67 KB
Pointscore September 2013 results.pdf72.15 KB
Pointscore 2013 Points To Date July 2013.pdf58.15 KB
pointscore points july13.pdf57.48 KB
pointscore july13 results.pdf71.3 KB
june 'time trial' results.pdf76.58 KB
Retford results 2013.pdf75.76 KB
Pointscore scores after May 2013.pdf7.73 KB
May 2013 pointscore results.pdf72.33 KB
April 2013 pointscore results.pdf74.64 KB
Centenary Gala results.pdf111.04 KB
February 2013 pointscore results.pdf73.39 KB
Pointscore 2012 final points all swimmers(1).pdf8.21 KB
Land Training awards 2012(1).pdf3.81 KB
Club Championships Womens Trophy Winners 2012(1).pdf4.12 KB
Club Championships Mens Trophy Winners 2012(1).pdf4.21 KB
Club Championships 2nd dec results.pdf68.72 KB
Club Championships 1st dec results.pdf68.99 KB
OPScore 2014 R2.pdf187.74 KB
Club Championships 25th nov results.pdf70.67 KB
Club Championships 24th nov results.pdf67.17 KB
Club Championships 15th july results.pdf53.43 KB
Scores for Pointscore after September 2012.pdf8.78 KB
tmbsc distance meet gala 1 results 2012.pdf54.99 KB
Peaks and Plains 2012.pdf4.1 KB
Retford Results June 2012.pdf33.65 KB
Scores for Pointscore after June 2012.pdf8.17 KB
Scores for Pointscore after May 2012 - Scores.pdf7.99 KB
Scores for Pointscore after April 2012.pdf8.6 KB
Pointscore April 2012 results.pdf73.09 KB
Scores for Pointscore 2012.pdf7.2 KB
Pointscore February 2012.pdf73.48 KB
sprint meet 2011 gala 2 results.pdf32.85 KB
sprint meet 2011 gala 1 results.pdf73.91 KB
cheshire graded meet results nov11.pdf58.63 KB
m & d championships 2011 results.pdf67.82 KB
time trials sept11.pdf68.34 KB
tmbsc distance meet 2011 gala 3 results.pdf62.32 KB
tmbsc distance meet 2011 gala 2 results.pdf61.8 KB
p & p celebration results 2011.pdf16.61 KB
tmbsc distance meet 2011 gala 1 results.pdf55.17 KB
Retford open meet s2 summary by team acp.pdf129.62 KB
club tt gala may 2011 results.pdf74.58 KB
club gala results may2011 with imp.pdf71.68 KB

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