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For a comprehensive explanation of the fees and their amounts please click on the image above to see the fee structure for each of the categories listed below

Annual Club membership and associated ASA fees:

These are payable annually and the membership secretary will send out reminders. These fees are currently due by 31st December for the following year. Members joining the club pay a pro rata fee from the Month they join. 

Please note, for 2019 Annual Club Membership Fees are:

£27.50 Ordinary members 

£12.00 Country, Over sixties and student members

Training Fees:

The training fees are calculated on a yearly basis and each member pays the full amount specified for their training membership level irrespective of number of session attended. (NB the pool and other fees have to be paid even if swimmers don't attend, thus the training fees are required from members)

Monthly training fees should be paid by standing order direct to the club's bank account. Please click on the above image for more information on the fees for each group. 

The different Masters memberships are explained below:

Full Training Member: These members are guaranteed a swim at each of the sessions provided. 

New Members: If Masters is full then new members will only be able to join as either a Monday or a Friday member. The annual membership and ASA fees are detailed above. The training situation and fees are explained below.

Monday Members: Note that payment of Monday training fees is specifically for Monday and does not allow a swim on another day without appropriate payment, even if the Monday swim is missed.

In addition to the above categories the committee may grant alternative membership categories to cover exceptional conditions, e.g. working away from home Monday to Friday. If any member feels they have extenuating circumstances that affects their ability to attend all training sessions on a regular basis and wish to negotiate a special membership they should approach the masters representative of the club committee.

Country Members: This category of membership generally does not allow access to any training session. It was provided to aid swimmers who generally cannot train with us, but require club and ASA membership to compete.

Student Members: This category is for swimmers who are over 18 and are students in full time education. They have the option of either paying monthly as per the training categories shown or on a pay as you swim basis. If paying monthly they take the same priority as the training category they pay.

Monday, Country and Student members may be allowed to swim on tuesday, thursday or sunday provided there is room in the session. They will though, have to take the risk of turning up and not getting a swim. There is no refund or compensation if no swim available on arrival. They must pay  £5.50 (£4.00 for students) for each session attended and without exception payment should be made before joining the session.

Potential new members are allowed one free taster session, the time of which to be agreed by the Masters coach or one of the Masters representatives. As a competitive club swimmers must be able to cope with the training sets. If the Masters coach is of the opinion that the potential new member can cope then the appropriate joining instructions will be offered. Joining applications should be completed and fees paid without delay. Until the membership application has been processed new members will pay £4 per session for each session attended. Potential new members may be allowed to swim at every session provided there is room in the session. Unfortunately they will have to take the risk of turning up and not geting a swim. They must pay £4 per session for each session attended and payment should be made before joining each session.

Guests: Masters swimmers from other clubs are welcome to train with us on a short term or occasional basis if in the area.  They should turn up and consult with the coach before training.  Due to the restriction on 30 swimmers maximum in the water at anyone time, then guests will only be allowed to swim if there are less than 30 Trafford members swimming at the session. Guests will pay £4.00 a session for each session they attend and payment should be made before joining the session.

The different Adult fitness memberships are explained below:

Adult Fitness 1: is allowed 1 adult improver session per week either on a Tuesday or a Sunday

Adult Fitness Full: is allowed access all Adult Improver sessions and the Friday Masters session. They may also attend tuesday and thursday morning sessions subject to being able to maintain the pace of the session. Addtional sessions with Masters must be approved by the Masters' coach before attending. 

Members who are behind with their fees:

If swimmers are behind with their fees they may be refused entry to the training sessions, until the situation has been resolved. This covers Annual Club Membership fees, Associated ASA fees and Training Fees.


Training Programme

For the training programme timetable click on the link below.

Joining the club

For information about joining the club or to download a membership form click on the link below.

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