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National Decathlon

As with the athletics event, the Masters Decathlon consists of 10 events with the original aim of finding the greatest Masters swimmer in the UK!  It is also a great way to compare your current form to previous years. The competition is run across the year. As a swimmer races they are awarded age-adjusted FINA points.  A swimmer’s top scoring 10 events count towards their decathlon total.

There are 6 categories and a swimmer must have at least one from each category with a maximum of two.

The categories are:

Butterfly (50/100/200)

Backstroke (50/100/200)

Breaststroke (50/100/200)

Freestyle (50/100/200)

Medley (100/200/400)

Long distance freestyle (400/800/1500)



The men’s team consisting of Neil Mackinnon, Neville Barton, Richard Symons and Rob Arnold won the National Decathlon Championship


The men’s team consisting of Neil Mackinnon, Neville Barton, Graham Sadler and Alec Johnson won the National Decathlon Championship


The men’s team came 4th and the women’s team came 5th. Neil Mackinnon came 10th


Neil Mackinnon came 4th

Men’steam of Neil, Neville Barton, David Randall and Richard Symons came 6th

Women’s team of Rebecca Lennon, Jo Bolton, Helen Sadler, and Lucy Lloyd-Roach came  10th


Helen Sadler came 8th

The women’s team of  Helen, Laura Bowden, Sarah Healey and Jo Bolton came 9th and so did the men’s team of Richard Symons, Neil Mackinnon, Rob Arnold and Rob Arnold


Women’s team of Helen Sadler, Lucy Lloyd-Roach, Laura Bowden and Rachel Barton were 5th and the men’s team of Alec Johnson, Richard Symons, Neil Mackinnon and Paul Barnard were 9th


Alec Johnson was 8th

The men’s team of  Alec Johnson, Steve Metcalfe, Richard Symons, and Paul Barnard were 4tha


Emma Gage came second in the women's individual competition

The women's team of Emma, Lucy Lloyd-Roach, Helen Sadler and Rachel Barton came 3rd and the men's team of Alec Johnson, Neville Barton, Paul Barnard and Richard Symons came 6th.



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