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Types of memberships/club rules


The club shall be called Trafford Metropolitan Borough Swimming Club (‘the Club’) with headquarters at Sale Leisure Centre.


The objects of the Club shall be the encouragement and promotion of competitive swimming and other such activities concerning swimming as the Committee shall see fit to promote.

Membership shall be proposed and seconded by existing members and approved by the Committee. Competitive members (except Masters) must be eligible as defined in A.S.A. Competition Laws. The categories of membership and Annual subscription shall be:-
(Inc, Parents/Guardians) Payable by all members of the swim-scheme.

Open only to members of clubs affiliated to Trafford Association of Swimming Clubs.

Open to non-swimming members of all ages.

Open to swimming members of 16 years or under. Age as at 31st December.

Open to swimmers aged 19 and over, as at 31st December in the membership year. This category is for swimmers who wish to have membership to allow them to compete in Masters competitions. This membership category does not allow use of training facilities.
*All these categories shall be non-executive & non-voting.

Open to students in full time further education, but not in full time training

Having executive and voting rights

Open to members of 17 and over. Age as at 31st December.

Open to swimmers aged 60 and over, age as at 31st December in the membership year.

Payable by Parents/Guardians of all junior members. Only one fee and one vote per family, irrespective of the number of junior members.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP Where there are more than one Junior and/or Senior members in any family then the amounts payable shall be at the rates of:-
Second family Junior/Senior member £18.00
Other family Junior/Senior member £16.00

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP shall be for the period 1st January to 31st December, except new members shall subscribe on a pro-rata basis from the month of election. Any membership not renewed by 31st December shall be regarded as lapsed.
In addition the following fees may become payable: -

Enrolment fees are payable by new or lapsed members and are payable on election.

REGISTRATION FEES are payable to the A.S.A. and due with the Annual Subscription.

MONTHLY TRAINING FEES As set from time to time by the Committee. Any member not paying these fees within one month from the due date will NOT be permitted to take part in Club activities until all arrears are paid.

4. AFFILIATIONS. The Club shall be affiliated to ‘Northern Counties A.S.A.’ and to the ‘Cheshire County W.P & S.A.’ and any other League or Association that the Committee shall decide.

5. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Shall be held within two months of the end of the financial year. Twenty-one clear days notice of the meeting to be given to the members.

6. COMMITTEE. The affairs of the club shall be governed by a Committee, consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Social Secretary, Minute Secretary, Membership Secretary, Welfare Officer, Club captains (ex-officio) and a maximum of ten other members. Nominations must be from persons of 18 years or over and shall be in writing and signed by proposer, seconder, and the person nominated and must reach the Secretary not less than seven days before the A.G.M.

All nominations shall be displayed on the Club notice board for seven days before the A.G.M. No nominations shall be accepted at the A.G.M.

ACCOUNTS shall be audited annually by professionally qualified accountants appointed by the Committee and confirmed at the A.G.M. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy occurring, co-opt members and make provision for professional coaches. Meetings to be held at least once each month or as necessary.

A majority of the Committee members to form a quorum.

7. THE EXECUTIVE. Officers of the Club shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman (ex-officio) Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, who shall be ex-officio members of all sub-committees.

8. EMERGENCY COMMITTEE. This Committee has the power to deal with matters of emergency, which may arise between meetings of the committee and shall consist of the Club’s Executive Officers, the Chief Coach and at least 50% of members of the Committee.

9. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING. of members may be called by the Hon, Secretary by a resolution of the Committee OR by written request from and signed by twenty of more full voting members stating the object of the meeting. No business shall be transacted at such Special Meeting except that for which the meeting has been called and no resolution passed except by a three-fourths majority of members present and voting. Seven days notice of such meeting to be given to members.

10. COMMITTEE ATTENDANCE. Membership of the committee shall cease for any member who is absent from three consecutive meetings without sufficient reason being given.

11. CLOTHING. When taking part in any competition, team or individual, entered through the Club, swimming members shall wear swimwear that complies with A.S.A. Law and whenever possible wear Club swimwear and clothing.

12. CONDUCT. The Committee shall have the power to take action against any member found guilty of conduct contrary to the well-being of the Club and its members and may, at a meeting called for that purpose, dismiss any member for such conduct by a three-fourths majority vote of Committee members present. Seven days notice of such meeting to be given to the member concerned who shall have the right to come before the Committee to offer explanation.

13. TRUSTEES. The Executive Officers shall be Trustees of the trophies, properties, assets and effects of the Club and are empowered to do all necessary acts therewith upon instructions of the Club.

14. CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS. Only bona fide first claim members are eligible to compete for the Club Championships. New members form 1st April in each year to be subject to the discretion of the Committee. Entries to the Championships can only be accepted subject to all fees due being paid at the Gala entry date.
The Championships shall be annual, and provided there are not less than two competitors in any individual event, or at the discretion of the Committee.

15. LIFE MEMBERS. Honorary Life membership may be granted to any member who is deemed to have rendered outstanding service to the Club. This must be by a three-fourths majority of members present and voting at the A.G.M.

16. PRESIDENT. A suitable person shall be invited to be President of the Club.

17. VICE PRESIDENT. A person having an interest in the activities and welfare of the Club may be invited to the office of Vice-President for a period of one year.

18. RULE AMENDMENT. Any member wishing to revise or amend the Rules of the Club must give written notice to the Hon. Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the A.G.M. Any proposed amendments or addition to the rules shall be displayed on the Club Notice Board for at least seven days prior to the A.G.M.

19. INTERPRETATION. All disputes that may arise concerning the foregoing Rules shall be settled by the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

20. NEW CLUB SWIMMING RECORDS. That as from 1st January 2000 and thereafter, all Club records for all competition strokes, (A.S.A approved) and distances should be accepted as the New Club Record for that stroke/distance/age group. Records will only be allowed from any/all A.S.A. approved swimming galas, including any/all competitions entered by the Club as per the Club’s appointed swimming programme. Any/all submitted, records must have supporting approved evidence of legitimacy and must be ratified by the Club’s appointed adjudicator. All records for all A.S.A. approved ages should be as age on the day of competition.

Training Programme

For the training programme timetable click on the link below.

Joining the club

For information about joining the club or to download a membership form click on the link below.

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