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  • 2 February 20

    2020 Cheshire County Swimming Championships


  • 6 November 19

    Trafford Metro's Future Stars


  • 23 September 19

    TMBSC 2018-19 - What a Great Season


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Training Kit



The new club kit is now exclusively available to order online. This means that club kit is available as and when you require it rather than waiting for availability from the Club Office.The URL to access the shop and place you order is


Before you can place an order you will need to register for an account


Squad Swimmers should select from the Trafford Metro product range (Red and Black colour way). There are shorts, ladies polo shirts and zipped / non zipped hoodys too

Masters and Adult fitness should select from the Trafford Masters product range (predominantly Green). There are ladies polo shirts and zipped / non zipped hoodys too.

The table below lists other items that can be purchased from the club office on sunday evenings 5-7pm. There is usually a selection of used kit on sale too that swimmers either no longer require or have grown out of.

Club Hats   £5.00
Red Polo Shirts - Children  7 to 13 years £10.00
Red Polo Shirts - Adult  S, M, L and XL £12.00
Tracksuit Jacket - Children  All £25.00
Tracksuit Jacket - Adult  S and M £33.00
Tracksuit Pants  All £15.00
Red Hoody - Children  9 to 13 years £16.00
Red Hoody - Adult  S, M, L and XL £20.00
Kick Boards   £12.00
Pull Buoys   £5.00
Speedo Socket Goggles  All £17.00
Speedo Goggles  Junior / Adult £10.00
Blast Adult Goggles  Adult £5.00
Kiefer Training Fins (grey/yellow 30/33)  11/12 £13.00
Kiefer Training Fins (grey/orange 34/35)  1/2 £14.00
Kiefer Training Fins (grey/green 36/37)  3/4 £15.00
Kiefer Training Fins (grey/yellow 38/39)  5/6 £16.00
Kiefer Training Fins (grey/ royal blue 40/41)  7/8 £17.00
Kiefer Training Fins (grey/red 42/43)  8/9 £17.50
Kiefer Training Fins(grey/navy 44/45)  10/11 £18.00
Win Training Fins (Adult size)  11/13 £12.50
Maru Training Fins  4/5 £16.50
Maru Training Fins  6/7 £16.50
Shammies   £9.00
Drink Bottle (grey)  Speedo £5.00
Drink Bottle (clear)  Swimshop £4.00
Mesh Sacks  All £5.00
Paddles   £3.00


Training Programme

For the training programme timetable click on the link below.

Joining the club

For information about joining the club or to download a membership form click on the link below.

Mini-Mets Download Now

For Mini-Mets please contact Daniel Walsh tmbsc.minimets@gmail.com

Junior Squads Download Now

Masters and Adult Improvers Download Now

Find out more

To find out more about us Call 0161 973 1112 or email here

Office is at Sale Leisure Centre; manned on Sunday between 5:30 and 6:30pm. Please call or visit between these times, or email


Open Sundays
5:30pm - 7pm

We're affiliated to: ASA NWR, C.C.W.P. & S.A., M & D.S. & W.P.A., C.L.S. & W.P.A.

HQ: Sale Leisure Centre, Broad Road, Sale, Machester, UK