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Information for parents


Equity Policy


TMBSC and the ASA have a responsibility to protect all children and young people irrespective of their age, gender, race, religion, sexual identity or disability. All ASA clubs are required to take measures to ensure the needs of children and young people are protected from any form of abuse.

The Club will ensure that equity is incorporated in all aspects of its activities. Sports Equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, and recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them.

The Club is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy their sport free from threat, discrimination, intimidation, harassment or abuse.

TMBSC has addressed the above in line with ASA recommendations as follows:

1.The club policy makes it clear that all children and young people have equal rights to protection.

2.The club gives guidance on child protection through policy and procedure.

3.The club has a code of conduct that expects all members and adults concerned

with the club to treat children with dignity, fairness, and respect.

4.The club has a code of conduct that makes it clear that discrimination, offensive

or violent behaviour is not acceptable, and complaints will be acted upon.

5.The club has a complaints procedure that is open, available in writing, and

observes the following: all parties are fairly treated; the complainant has the opportunity to present their case; and the accused has the opportunity to respond.


Disability Policy:


Trafford MBSC is committed to providing opportunities for all swimmers, including those in the Swim Link Scheme and will endeavour to give everyone the opportunity to be active members whether or not they have a disability.

TMBSC has a policy, where possible, of integrating swimmers with disabilities into the existing training programme. If this is not possible we can direct swimmers to other Clubs who operate or run separate sessions for swimmers with disabilities.


The Club also organises courses for coaches which includes training on coaching or working with disabled swimmers for them to appreciate the special needs of disabled people who wish to become members of the Club.

Any member, with a disability, is asked to notify the Club accordingly in order that their needs may be addressed and this policy fully deployed.


Social Media Policy:

TMBSC owns the website url www.tmbsc.co.uk It also owns the Facebook page allied to this url. Whilst it is acknowledged that a large proportion of our membership will have their own Facebook pages and are active users of this and other social media sites it is not the intention to activate the club's Facebook account anytime soon. As an ASA Swim 21 club we are guided by the organisation about a variety of subjects and social media is one of the latest topics to be advised upon. It is the opinion of the Committee that there are more potential problems that could outweigh the benefits of using a social media page. The following paragraphs show a brief description of the salient points raised by the ASA and are the basis of the decision not to use social media. A summary of the ASA position is:

ASA members in a position of trust or responsibility should not be contacted by through social network sites.

Any friend requests should be declined. No photographs should be put on the network sights that are related to the club or young swimmers without the consent of the club and in accordance with ASA guidelines.

If a Coach is a member of a social networking site as a protective measure for their own child and as such may by coincidence have access to swimmers  social network account, the Coach should not  have direct contact with swimmers, and should not accept friends requests. The Coach should inform the club welfare officer of their position.

If we have a swimmer/ coach 16-18, there may be a requirement that to allow continued development in training they may receive information via a social network site etc the following guidelines should be followed:

1. Gain the written consent of the child's parent / guardian the consent should specify the specific site.

2.The adult ( Coach) should sign an agreement as to the limitations of the contact to the young person.

3. All information / communications should be shared with a 3rd person eg: parent / Guardian / Welfare Officer.

4. Breach of the above is a breach of the ASA policy.

Rules for swimmers under 18 years:

1. Don't invite club Coaches / Officials to be a friend

2. Be Internet savvy

3. Don't post pictures of club members / officials and specifically not in a pool setting as this could lead to a breach of ASA policy.

Whilst the ASA does not appear to have specific rules regarding a club having a Facebook or Twitter page it does advise that any such sites should have a lead member to monitor and restrict content if necessary as there is always potential concern regarding inappropriate conversation/ discussion.

For a comprehensive policy document please click on this link: http://www.swimming.org/assets/uploads/library/Good_Practice_Guidelines_on_the_use_of_Social_Networking_Sites_by_ASA_Clubs_and_Club_Members.pdf


Training Programme:

We have a duty of care to provide a safe healthy environment for all our athletes to train within and develop as swimmers. We provide a varied and highly successful training programme originally devised by our former head coach Emma Swanwick that has been carefully constructed to provide your son/daughter with training optimised to suit their age and ability. Our coaches are all ASA qualified and provide a high level of competent coaching.

Welfare Officer:

Our Club operates under the Swim 21 accreditation and as such we have a welfare officer that is available to be consulted on any issue of welfare from either swimmers, parents or coaches. Davinia Twite is currently our Welfare Officer and her contact details can be found on the club notice board within the leisure centre.

Squad Meetings:

We hold annual squad meetings to keep parents and swimmers up to date about how the Club is progressing advising of any upcoming changes to how we operate. These meetings are particularly useful to new members of the Club and are an excellent forum to ask questions of the committee that organise and operate the club policy. Timings are announced by email.

Gala Programme:

We run a comprehensive gala programme internally, details of which can be found on this site. In addition we also target a number of galas around our region to suit all abilities and broaden the swimmers experience of competition. We also compete in several team competitions that help with the swimmers development and encourage team spirit and participation

Getting an ASA number:

The method of producing numbers has changed. To find out how to get a number contact the membership secretary Mandi Zdolny.

Training Programme

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Joining the club

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